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In course of traveling province no 5, Talk of the town this time reached to Habrahawa, Rapti Sonari municipality ward no 6 of Banke district to talk about the overall condition of the place. Different concerned people, stake holders, locals along with the chairpersons of ward no 6 and 7 were invited for the discussion in community level. The discussion dwelt on problems, status quo and measures to be taken for the disaster risk reduction and management.
Interacting with Talk of the talk, Chairperson of ward no. 6, Rapti Sonari municipality, Banke District Janak Bahadur Tharu said numbers of developmental works have begun following the elections of local representatives. Reminding that the ward no 6 has always been vulnerable to floods, cold wave and fire, Chairperson Tharu said different plans have been made for the long term purpose and sustainability. He was of the opinion that the constructions of dams are not only the solution to the problem but all the physical infrastructures should be disaster-free. Similarly, he informed that the municipality is moving ahead with its long term visions and has prepared a plan to have a gigantic food storage and one shelter home in Rapti Sonari itself in coming days, where the villagers can store their foods in the storage and can use them in any emergency times. He said the proposal for the plan is ready and they are in search of helping hands. According to him, they are now looking out for organization that can provide funds for the plan. He also informed that the municipality is spreading awareness via all the local FMs and other medias. Meanwhile, the chairperson is committed to ensure the protection of local’s life and property.
Likewise, Chairperson of ward no 7, Rapti Sonari municipality, Banke District Ram Lakhan Tharu, who was also the main speaker shared that the developmental works are underway in ward no 7as well. Chairman Tharu said the ward has begun the work of electricity expansion and there will be electricity in all 24 toles by Dashain. According to him, people of the ward are vulnerable to the floods coming out from Rapti river. He said people living in risky places now have been safely shifted to safer places. He said it is an irony how there are no bridges where huge flood triggers every year where as there are bridges at the places that are not even vulnerable to floods. He also informed that the municipality had conducted two awareness programs in two levels with the coordination of an organization. With the leadership of local representatives and assistance of volunteers, the municipality members went to each toles to provide awareness about what to do after flood triggers. Similarly, it was also informed that the model practices were carried out among the students reaching all the schools of ward no 7. Tharu said Mallaah community of Paharipur, who are boatmen in occupation are given the responsibility for rescue operation and their own boats are used while rescuing people. Meanwhile, Chairperson Tharu expressed his commitment to make the locals of the ward feel change in disaster risk reduction within his tenure of five years and is committed to make sure that no person suffers from disaster anymore.

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